Coming from a dance and movement background, Elsa Chahin has also been practicing yoga for more than 20 years. A firm believer in the mind-body principle, she has trained in various yoga disciplines, including Hatha, and the Yoga Barre method.

In addition, Ms. Chahin has dedicated herself to the fields of sensory awareness and mindfulness, mentoring in both Berlin and Budapest under Ute Strub, a physiotherapist and lecturer on early childhood education and Pikler® practitioner. To enrich her meditation practice, Ms. Chahin has personally met and studied with His Holiness Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle and founder of Synchronicity Foundation, Master Charles Cannon.

Ms. Chahin has also attended numerous conferences on the topic, including the Mindsight Institute, a three-day retreat with Dr. Daniel Siegel (2015); and Ms. Chahin attended the Neuroscience of Well-Being, Mindfulness and Love conference under the aegis of Siegel and Jack Kornfield in 2013, among many others events and retreats.

This work has not only allowed Ms. Chahin to forge deeper connections with her infant-toddler work, both for Pikler® and RIE™, but is currently being incorporated into a book on mindful awareness that she is co-authoring with Ms. Strub.